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Detox of the Body

    Everyday we breathe air and and eat food. Within those items there are often contaminates of man made materials from industrial sources and deliberate uses of pesticides on vegetation produce. These chemicals find their way into our bodies and it is up the body to metabolize it in order to bring it back out. When someone is overloaded with a toxin the body will often react by expressing a symptom like a headache, join pain, and chronic fatigue. But in all the hundreds of years that the human body has dealt with sickness and germs it has only briefly seen the new toxins that are in our environment, largely petroleum based products.

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a well know condition for people that are sharply sensitive to chemicals that other people are not. It is often considered that the MCS person had an exposure in their past (or a length of time to build up) to chemicals. They are overloaded inside and the body is struggling to maintain health.

    The steps for detoxification are a careful process to follow. After the body has been relieved of the toxic burden a person can live their life with the careful awareness of the pollutants around then and take steps to keep themself and their family safer.


Common sources for chemicals/pollutants:

- PLASTIC: Plastic is a huge source for the hormone mimicking contamination of the human body. Plastic bags that touch food and plastic items that out-gas deliver phthalates that get into the body.


- Preservatives used by food companies to extend the shelf life of their products. Include hydrogenated or trans fats.


- Industrial chemicals like gasoline, diesel, insecticide, pesticide, etc.


- Household cleaners that use harsh chemicals.


    When the body is lost at how to get rid of chemicals it must decide to store it into body fat as an emergency procedure to keep the rest of the body safe.


See Page 2 for detoxification tips.

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