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About Christopher.

  About 2 years ago I learned about the Neti-Pot and its use to cleanse the nasal passages. I learned it is also used regularly by persons before they perform yoga/mediation as it has origins in the far east.

  For me the benefits of regular use were hidden, but now I know how it helps my body.


My health condition before using Neti-Pot:

   For a long time (few years) I was having chronic stiff neck and pain in my sinuses which affected me though the day and trying to sleep. I would always be aware of my neck pain. When going to bed I thought what I needed was a new pillow. This was accompanied by a constant irritation at the area where the top throat meets the downward section of the nasal passage. It felt like there was a phlegm buildup always there that wanted to break free. Often there would be a sticky phlegm mass that did dislodge from this area and allow me to discard into a tissue. I knew this sticky phlegm mass was a sign of a problem like infection. I thought that nothing could be done to help this and was going to have to be accepted as a part of life.


   But then I discovered the Neti-Pot and decided to give it a try.














  Health after using Neti-Pot: At first use, the Neti-Pot felt like it was stinging a sore inside my sinus. The feeling was like pouring salt on a wound. And indeed because the saline solution one prepares when using their Neti-Pot is a pure salt solution in distilled water.

  I kept with daily cleansing for the first week and the stinging pain subsided. I liked how it cleared my nasal of congestion and that phlegm debris problem of earlier was gone.

  One morning, I had woken up with stiff neck pain, but after a Neti cleanse the pain was dissolving away 2 hours later until gone. It was then that I realized that the nasal problem was directly related to my neck pain. Perhaps this is due to a chronic fungal/bacteria problem that finds its way to the body’s circulatory system and causes lymph nodes to react with the infection and thusly signal inflammation.

  If I go 2 or more weeks without a cleanse the neck pain returns slowly, and so my practice is to use the Neti-Pot about every 4 days or as often as I believe I need it. Some people choose to use Neti-Pot daily and it is considered safe to use the cleanse daily.


Tips on using the Neti-Pot:

- Only use clean distilled water for the Neti-Pot. Some individuals     have suffered terrible effects when using inferior water which     invites the chance of contracting an infection.


- Use warm water that feels comfortable. The warm water allows     better cleaning effect of the passages.


- Allow the water to pass through the sinuses at a steady stream.     Not too fast and not to slow.


I wish you the best in your quest for better health!

Neti-Pot Nasal Washing