The badly corroded and melted factory socket

The Dorman #9006 replacement socket

The Dorman socket features a nice silicone ring seal

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2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Front Headlight Repair


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  Recently our SUV vehicle experienced a non lighting right headlight. At first I imagined that the bulb had simply burned out and promptly went to purchase a new one.

  When I went to take out the old bulb I discovered that the socket plug had badly overheated and melted. The lightbulb was actually working fine and only needed to have the melted plastic removed from inside the plug fitting. I believe that because the plug was not equipped with a seal, moisture had corroded the plug terminals. Corrosion on electrical connections leads to arcing and this arcing is what I believe created the hot temperatures that eventually melted the socket.

  At the local autoparts store there was the appropriate replacement sockets that are made a lot better since they have a silicone seal to keep out moisture. I also used di-electric grease to further prolong the effects of moisture and oxidation.

  The new plug has been in the vehicle for a few weeks and the headlight functions like normal.