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DIN Plug and Socket Issue

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Speaker System Repair


Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Repair Main

PROBLEM: The DIN plug and socket connection started to provide a poor connection. When the plug was adjusted it would result in pops and cracks. This indicated that the six pin socket was no longer providing a secure connection.

   From earlier problems on this system I did know that other owners had this problem and I considered myself lucky for not having it, yet.

REACTION: I decided instead of replacing a new socket and perhaps a new plug that I would attempt to directly solder the six wires to the circuit board. This unit sits behind a computer so the wires are never bothered. A direct wiring would prevent this problem from reoccuring.



SOLUTION: Certain care does need to be kept so that the proper wires arrive at the correct points on the circuit board (see diagram).

  It is important to reapply some thermal conduction paste to the transistors that give their heat energy to the back panel.

   After this work, the system now operates perfectly with no pops.