Here I took an ordinary computer LCD monitor and carefully disassembled it to work as a video projector. We call it Tati, named after the mid 20th century French director. A high intensity light bulb is used to power the image onto the screen and a series of fresnel/triplet lenses are used to focus the image. The screen you see in the photos is also homemade although you can easily use a store bought one as well. The screen is 100” diagonal. If you should be interested in taking on a project like this yourself and need a little help, just write me an email and I will be happy to help.

Wooden tote for the 400 watt ballast to run the metal halide bulb

Construction Plans
Outer Plans
Triplet Focus Plans
DIY Screen Plans

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(Testing with Halogen light)

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An excellent book to learn

about electronics

“Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics”

by Stan Gibilisco

Homemade Video Projector


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