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Valvetrain Rocker - Utility

Utility Patent Drawings

Complex:    $ 55+

Moderate:   $ 40

Simple:       $ 25



Drawing figures are priced individually depending on their category and complexity.

Price does include numerous adjustments as requested by the client or patent expert.



Turnaround Time

Ordinary turn around time for an average set of drawings (figure count 3-7) is one week.

Urgent rushes are possible for an additional fee (+33%).

Design Patent Drawings

Complex:    $ 65+

Moderate:   $ 50

Simple:       $ 35


(Christopher’s drawings are produced in vector-line Corel Draw (CDR) format and then dedicated into PDF format)

Riding Mower Deck Control - Utility

Link: Pat. US9861035B2

Pull-Release Electrical Connector - Utility

Link: Pat. US20160104968A1

Self Engaging Driveshaft Coupler - Utility

Link: Pat. EP3056371B1

Link: Pat. US20160376935A1

Liquid Quantity and Orientation (1) -


Liquid Quantity and Orientation (2) -


Link: Pat. US20150130930A1

Control Grip - Design

Link: Pat. USD777803S1

External Fuel Tank - Design

Link: Pat. USD803756S1

Link: Pat. US20150130929A1