Artistic Exhibitions and Activity

2012 -Art House Reveal”, Online Competition, January 2012 Awarded Critic’s Choice prize

2011 -Being Human”, Juried Competition, Union Street Gallery (Chicago Heights, IL)

                October 12 – November 10, 2011.

2011 -64 Arts”, National Juried Competition, Buchanan Center for the Arts, (Monmouth, IL)

                September 9 - October 22, 2011

2011 -2011 Art Kudos International Online Competition”,, August 15, 2011.

2011 -Galex45” National Juried Competition, Galesburg Civic Art Center (Galesburg, IL)

                 March 12 - April 9, 2011

2008 -Destruct/Construct” Juried Competition, Union Street Gallery (Chicago Heights, IL)

                September 12 – October 10, 2008.

2008 -2008 Art Kudos International Online Competition”,, August 15, 2008.

2008 -ARTinterview Onlne Magazine International Online Competition” (New York, NY &

                Berlin, Germany) 1st quarter, 2008. Third Place winning and prize

2003 -Off the Walls”, Exhibition, Quad City Arts Center (Rock Island, IL)

                 December, 2002 - January, 2003.

2001 -  Personal Artist Exhibition at Quad City Arts Center, (Rock Island, IL) December 28, 2001.

2001 -Riverssance Arts Festival” (Davenport, IA) September, 2001.

2001 -MFA Art Under Glass Exhibit” (Davenport, IA) March - May, 2001.

2000 -Riverssance Arts Festival” (Davenport, IA) September, 2000.

1999 -Iowa College Salon XXI Juried Competition”, I.S.U. (Ames, IA), January - March, 1999.

1998 -Summer Sensations” Juried Competition, University of Northern Iowa,  

               (Cedar Falls, IA), July 1998. Third Place winning and prize

1998 -48th Annual Quad-State Juried Exhibition” (Quincy, IL) May - June, 1998.

1998 -Iowa College Salon XX Juried Competition”, I.S.U. (Ames, IA),  January - March, 1998.

1997 -MFA Art Works Window Walk” (Rock Island, IL), September - November, 1997.

1997 -Summer Sensations” Juried Competition, University of Northern Iowa,  

                (Cedar Falls, IA), July 1997. Third Place winning and prize

1997 -Davenport Museum of Art Bi-State Competitive Art Exhibition

                 (Davenport, IA), July - August, 1997.

1997 -MFA Art Under Glass Exhibit” (Davenport, IA), June - August, 1997.

1997 -Iowa College Salon XIX Juried Competition”, I.S.U. (Ames, IA), March  - May, 1997.


Featured in Publications

- The Cheiftain (Interview article for Blackhawk College), December 2007.

- Selected to illustrate book for OT Department of St. Ambrose. “Occupational Therapy as a

        Career”, Copyright 1999.

- Featured in 1996,1997, 1998 editions of Quercus. St. Ambrose's annual journal of literary and

        visual art.

- Quad City Times (Arts & Leisure), August, 2001.

- Tractor (Iowa arts and culture), Spring 1998.

- The Dispatch and the Rock Island Argus, November, 1997.

- The North Scott Press, August, 1997.

- The Leader, July, 1997.


Donations Made to Public Events

- Anna (Banana) Weitz fundraising auction (Dubuque, IA) February 2011

- Red Ribbon Silent Art Auction (Davenport, IA) February, 2002 & 2000.

- Valentine’s Silent Art Auction (Rock Island, IL), February, 2001.

- Midcoast Great Mask Auction (Rock Island, IL), October, 2000.



Artist Statement – “Silent Language”


     As a visual artist, I feel that my craft belongs to a speechless union that communicates from its works. The passing of time and languages throughout the world threaten to change but this should not worry the mental narratives that I am portraying in my paintings. I feel that the title of a painting is to be the most important written component of a painting’s life as it indicates and hints at the artist’s point of view about the piece. If my work can not convey this, then I feel as if I have let the viewer down. Consider my statement of a silent language, to say so much but with little words said.

                                                                               Cheers,  Christopher Bradshaw




  Christopher works as the Patent Illustrator for John Deere in Moline, Illinois.

   He has graduate degrees in Fine Art and Business Administration and is devoted to many venues of creative thinking.

   Christopher is married and celebrates 19 years with his wife Dorothea.

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